Flashback! A Dragonlance Legacy

**A brand NEW Dragonlance series written by the legendary duo of Weis & Hickman has been confirmed! This is honestly something I never expected to see again and it is an absolute dream come true for me. More on this later in this post**

Some 24 years ago, I discovered the Dragonlance universe through a friend of mine. I wasn’t a big reader back then, and I believe he knew this would be the perfect book for me to get into, since we were both very big on Role Playing Games. To this day, I still talk about the original trilogy as my favorite series of all time. How can I not? Not only does it stand the test of time and still measures incredibly well against more modern Fantasy series, but it also brings back so many fond memories, it makes my heart swell every time I reminisce about it.

I have grown my Dragonlance collection over the years and it still occupies a prime space on my book shelves.

One of my friends recently asked me what made Dragonlance so great that I still called it my favorite series ever after all these years. I immediately started blabbering like a Kender about how the main cast of characters was the best one ever assembled on paper, how the bander between them all had given suit to some of my favorite interactions in any book ever, how the mix of magic, dragons and epic battles had set a golden standard that still stands the test of time to this day.

Of course it is much more than that. One example is that the Dragonlance universe has been the setting for many Dongeons & Dragons adventures for almost 40 years now. The original trilogy’s depiction of each of the usual D&D archetypes really stuck with me. The Warrior, the wizard, the dwarf, the thief, the paladin, the cleric, the barbarian, the half-elf, and many more. I had been these characters before in my own gaming sessions, but to see them come alive on the page in such a great story, it truly made for something legendary.

I found this Collector’s edition of the Dragonlance Chronicles in a small shop in downtown Montreal years ago. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It felt like I had found one of the famed Dragon Orbs! It’s been the Crown Jewel of my book collection ever since.

The original trilogy is absolutely iconic, but the adventures don’t stop there. Weiss & Hickman would spend years developing this universe and their beloved characters (as well as a bunch of other great authors, who helped expand the DL universe through their own stories). The Twins trilogy (known also as Dragonlance: Legends) serves as an outstanding sequel, where the focus of the story shifts a little bit towards two of the main characters from the original trilogy, Caramon and Raisltin Majere. Of course, Tas is also along for the ride, and others from the original cast also make some delightful appearances. The story also plays with the concept of time travel, which is one of my favorite tropes when done right (Back to the Future is my favorite movie of all time), and we are presented with strong themes of brotherly love, redemption and friendship. This trilogy might not get the same level of attention as the original, but it is an absolute must read for anyone who is a fan of the Chronicles and is quite epic in it’s own right.

Then again, if you are not ready to say goodbye to your beloved characters and the annoyingly lovable Kender, Weiss & Hickman got you covered with two more books that bring the Tanis Saga to a close. In Dragonlance: Second Generation and Dragons of a Summer Flame, we see our remaining heroes confronted by few foes more dangerous than ever before. We are also introduced to their children, who have to deal with growing up in the shadow of legends while trying to carve themselves a life of their own amidst new threats, alliances and betrayals. Those two books really brought everything full circle for me and cemented the whole saga as something truly unique.

Of course, if you still wanted MORE of your favorite heroes and their adventures, you can always hunt down Dragonlance: The Lost Chonicles trilogy. “But Max” you might say, “you just wrote that the story had been finished in Dragons of Summer Flame, how could there be more?”. That would be an excellent question. The answer, dear reader, is that Weis and Hickman found the perfect way to give us more of their merry band of protagonists without bringing anyone back from the dead (or time travel), they simply decided to fill the space left between the books of their original trilogy! And so should you be curious about the events that occurred between the end of Dragons of Autumn Twilight and the beginning of Dragons of Winter Night, you would have a brand new book called Dragons of the Dwarven Depths to discover! Should you also be curious about what happened in Krynn between the events of Winter Night and Spring Dawning, you’d find Dragons of the Highlord Skies absolutely entertaining. You can even get a different point of view of some of the most important events that occur during Spring Dawning by reading Dragons of the Hourglass Mage.

With this new trilogy, the authors give a new dimension for old school DL fans to experience and provide us with a reason (not that we needed any) to go back and read the original Chronicles to find brand new links between old and new.

Unsurprisingly, Weis & Hickman were not done with their magical gifts yet. Years later, they co-wrote a brand new trilogy called The War of Souls. In this new epic, we follow the adventures of brand new characters, some of which are descendants of the original heroes, and Tas of course. Because what would a Dragonlance adventure be without our favorite Kender spreading the joy and finding everyone’s lost possessions for them? I felt like the authors came back in force with this one. It is an incredibly well crafted story, oozing of Dragonlance flavour, and giving us new enemies to root against. This felt like a true sequel to what I lovingly call the Tanis Saga.

Of course should one be so inclined to dive deeper in some of the character’s past adventures, or read some stories focused one some of the secondary characters from the original trilogies, they would find dozens of different titles delving into the far corners of the DL universe. There are amazing stories to discover from many other wonderful authors such as Richard A. Knack, Jean Rabe, Douglas Niles, Dan Parkinson to only name a few.

Dragonlance is such a wonderful universe to get lost into, full of unique characters, chromatic dragons riding into battle, meddlesome Kenders, heartbreaking betrayals, heartwarming moments of friendship, and so much more. It truly is a unique place in the SFF landscape and it changed my life in the best way possible.

Which is why when the news broke out that we would be getting a brand new Dragonlance trilogy written by legends Weis & Hickman themselves, I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. There could not have been a more exciting announcement in the book world, as far as I am concerned.

The Best Tweet of the Year so far.

We know very little detail so far, and that is perfectly okay with me. They could give us zero information about it and I would still be pre-ordering it day 1, because in over 30 years of Dragonlance novels, Weis & Hickman have never delivered anything short of exceptional. This is not only great news for us old school Dragon Riders, but it will also open the door for a new generation of readers to discover a truly special Fantasy universe. I cannot wait to see more people talking about this on social media and witness more Dragonlance history in the making.

As if 2021 wasn’t already one of the best book years ever with so many great titles being released, Paladine bestows upon us the greatest gift of all. But also, have you seen his hat?